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Pray for Matt's BTCL Graduate ND

  Charles Ndubuisi, or ND as he likes to be called, is a Nigerian immigrant who has been serving in a teaching roll in his church....
Posted by Matt Eck in Missionary Matt & Liz Eck
Comment from Matt Eck:

Thanks, Pam!

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Photos from Skill Set Saturday

Here are a few photos from our last Skill Set Saturday. Special thanks to Cynthia Burtch for her awesome work. More can be seen by clicking here. Enjoy!
Posted by Erinn Watkins in Skill Set Saturdays
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Graduation Dinner Reception 05/04/14

Check out the pics from the Young Adults graduation dinner on 05.04.14!
Posted by Erinn Watkins in SBF: Young Singles Bible Fellowship
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Spring Campout 2014

Hello Everyone,  Check out the latest pictures from our time at Rancho De La Rocha! We would like to thank everyone who volunteered and participated, the camping...
Posted by Erinn Watkins in SBF: Young Singles Bible Fellowship
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