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Planting will start Soon !

By Gene Gumfory in Shiloh Field Community Garden 15 days ago | 12459 views Link:

Are you ready to volunteer at Shiloh Field Community Garden ? All we raise goes to feed those in need. Beginning the last week end in January we will plant english Peas, the next Saturday we will plant onion plants, next Saturday get Irish Potatoes ready and plant the following Saturday. Remember harvest days are Monday- Thursday & Saturday, all year. Last Saturday we  trimmed fruit tree’s. Next couple of weeks we will complete clean up and getting for the season. We need you ! Our goal this year is 20,000 pounds , Will you help us ? God Bless !

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Brenda Palone

What time on Saturdays do you start?

Libby John

We want to come. Details please

Gene Gumfory

We start at 8:00 as soon as we can !
Some volunteer’s arrive at 9:00 .
Thank you

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On Jan 6, 2019, at 3:53 PM, Brenda Palone on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Karen Dimarsico

I would be interested. I am new to DBC so don’t know where it is.

Gene Gumfory

Behind church across railroad tracks .
Corner of Mingo Rd & Nottingham ( on
Nottingham ) . Shiloh Field
Thank you

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On Jan 7, 2019, at 4:06 PM, Karen Dimarsico on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Chip McFerrin

Good morning, Gene!

I sent an email to the gardening address for DBC

Trail Life is always looking for ways for our Trail Men to serve.

Please see my message and let me know your thoughts!

Have a great day!


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