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Lay Institute Spotlight: The Gospel Centered Life and Biblical Counseling

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About the Class:

The Gospel Centered Life and Biblical Counseling. What is Biblical counseling?  How is it distinctive from secular counseling? Should there be a stigma when counseling is needed?  In our time together, we will address these questions as well as topics such as anger, anxiety, breaking bad habits (addictions), guilt, hope and contentment.  How and why is Christ able to help us with these and many other challenges in our lives?  Our prayer is that we all be able to apply what we learn as well as help others whom the Lord brings into our lives.  The class format will include instruction, interaction as well as time for questions.  We will have plenty of tools and resources.  Please bring your Bibles for we will be using them.

Time: Thursdays, 7-8:30, SMC 113

Dates: Feb. 23-April 6


About the Teacher:

Alex Kelley (MACE/BC; was in the business world then graduated from Dallas Bible College, The Criswell College and Dallas Seminary.  He was involved in vocational ministry for 5 years before beginning his 18 year career as a teacher, fifteen of which were here in Denton at the Davis School.  After the loss of his parents, Alex decided to go back to seminary for a counseling degree and has been with Steve Barns and Associates at DBC for two years. Alex Kelley is married to Kathy, and has two adult children with four grand kids.

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