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By Pastor Drew Anderson in Denton Bible Church 17 days ago | 16677 views Link:

A story that sticks out to me from John Bunyan’s classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress, is where Christian and his companion—needing a break from the rough path they’re walking on—take the “easy” soft and pleasing path on the other side of the fence. What they don’t realize is that that ease ends up putting them to sleep, which gets them caught by the Giant Despair, and only after being tortured and nearly losing their lives, do they barely manage to escape. They–like many of us–got distracted by the so-called ease of comfort.

You may not be on a literal rocky path right now, but you can relate to sacrificing the “best” on the altar of the just “ok”. And so, what keeps us from doing just that?

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Libby John

Truth.  Thanks for sharing

Maria Lungu-Post

Good reminder what means good works for God: illuminate our lives and our culture through the truth we found in Christ.

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