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Sunday, I watched Charles Stolfus – a guy discipled at DBC – speak about the church  taking a stance on a key moral issue to be hand delivered to Governor Greg Abbot by Debbie Terry, a leader in the prayer caucus – another DBC member.

We saw 104 little bitty kids sing a special headed up by a group of DBC’s faithful ladies.  We prayed for 40 high school seniors who have been taught faithfully by Jason Fanning and his leaders.  We honored four high school kids who had memorized almost 900 verses and summarized every Bible book.

We prayed for staff and laymen traveling and teaching internationally as well as another group of our home grown who are now missionaries in France.

Then we studied 22 verses of scripture!

All accompanied by 100 folks in the choir

and 25 in our orchestra.

                        All DBC faithful.

Churches are built on the incremental

                        Steady faithfulness of solid folks.

                        The gold does not always glitter

                          – but it is precious.

Good job!


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Sherry Lawrence

We are grateful for a pastor who empties himself of self, and allows the
Holy Spirit of God to lead, guide and shepherd The Flock. We thank God for
you and Teresa.
Rex and Sherry Lawrence
On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 3:31 PM Pastor Tommy Nelson on The City <
(email address removed)> wrote:

Martha Gladden

Amen to your post Sherry Lawrence.  Very thankful for a pastor who loves Jesus so much.  THANK YOU Bro. Tommy  and Teresa.  Praying daily for you and all. God is so good! 

Howard Fenner

So proud, happy and fortunate to
be members of this group of true
believers who would go to the wall
for Pastors,Staff and other Members.
Hang in my friend.
H & K

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Sue Colton

How blessed we are, Pastor and Teresa—-you are God’s precious gift to all of us. We love you dearly and feed on your teaching of the Word!!!

Jan Green

Thank you and Amen!

Fig Newton


Keith Newton

Elizabeth Avens

Beautifully said Sherry ! Adding my Amen too. So thankful Lord , for my church.

Susie Swafford

This is a faithful church with many activities happening in all the age groups. Our Worship Time is amazing, our Teaching is amazing, our Staff and other leaders are at the top of the crop. We are a blessed group of people. Thank you to each of the many leaders. Let God be glorified every single day. Blessings, Susie Swafford

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Lisa Woody

I’m beginning your series in Romans from several years back. Yesterday morning, I listened to your comments on that first day of the Romans series. You mentioned that our church carried on without you for a short while and how pleased you were. I, too, treasure your teaching, but I’m glad our church is  not a cult of personality. We have such strong, dedicated, faithful leaders, helpers, teachers, staffers, and members. Sadly, it’s rare to find such a jewel on the American landscape. I realize what I’m privileged to have found for my home church and I treasure it. I urge those who love their church to give regularly and serve in some way. Be part of what makes Denton Bible a great church to call home.

Connie Cohn

Tommy, we follow you because, like Paul, you follow Christ. You model love for Jesus, prayer, faithfulness, perseverance, and how the Christian life should be lived out in making disciples. You never dumb down the Bible; instead you challenge us to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. Thanks to you and Teresa and Mel and Patty for the hardships you endured in starting Denton Bible Church and for paying the price to continue in ministry these many long years. I am blessed beyond measure to be part of this special body of Christ.

Donna Hoskins

Pastor Tommy, I am so very thankful that in my waning years God has given me a church where the pastor and staff are passionate about God’s word and growing in the knowledge and grace of our loving Lord and Savior. The young men who subbed for you did a good job and their passion and love for our Savior, His people and the lost was obvious. Bo and I attended Dr. Stanley Toussaint’s memorial service Saturday and were blessed by the service and also blessed by the many brothers and sisters in Christ with whom we’ve fellowshiped through the years. Our church family here is precious. Thank you, Mel, the elders and staff for your faithfulness to this body and to Christ. You enrich us each time we come together and experience the reality of God working in us and among us. I hope that your time of refreshing has been a tie of renewing, and replenishing you physically and spiritually. We look forward to hearing about The Reformation. May God continue to strengthen and refresh you. Blessings to you and Teresa.

In the love of our Savior,

Donna Hoskins

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