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Great New Movie on the Historicity of Genesis

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Many of you may have heard about the new movie on the historical credibility of the Book of Genesis. The movie highlights the evidence for the historicity of Genesis’ account of the creation and the global Flood under Noah. The movie is very well produced and would be a great movie to take the whole family to and perhaps even a neighbor or two.

It is directed by Dr. Del Tackett who created the worldview series The Truth Project which we have done through DBC’s Lay Institute and as a small group on numerous occasions. See Tim Challies’ blog post in which he makes a strong recommendation.

There was a screening of this movie several weeks back and the response was so good that there is an encore showing again tomorrow night.

Go here to find out where the movie is showing and go here (Is Genesis History?) to find out more about the movie itself.

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Mary Kuhfeldt

Thanks for sharing this, Charles! According to the website, Cinemark in Denton is one of MANY theatres nationwide planning to show this tomorrow, March 7th. But when you click on the link to Cinemark, and plug in the name, “Is Genesis History?”, there is nothing found… so don’t know what time it plays, OR IF it plays in Denton tomorrow.

Terri Gallamore

Hi Mary, it’s playing the Denton Cinemark at 7pm on Tuesday. It’s in a theater with the luxury loungers and reserved seating. When you are looking at the movie listings online, make sure you are looking at Tuesday’s schedule and it should come up.

Mary Kuhfeldt

Super! Thanks, Terry, for taking the time and effort to reply :)

Gaylon Richter

Thank you

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