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Our first 100 Days of Prayer is about to come to an end.  I truly can see answers to our prayers and the prayers of others all over the nation. 

I have had people from all over who have said, “we’re not going to quit are we?”

To be honest I would feel very nervous in calling off prayer in days like these.  Our country is in an ideological tug-o-war.

I tell you what I’d like to do…

I would love to pray, but if I’m going to set aside a Thursday from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. I’m going to have to have some prayer warriors who are just as committed as I am.

If I can get at least 200 people who will sign a document, a public document at the back of the sanctuary in the lobby and say, “I will be there!  And if not I will find a substitute.” Just as I will. 

If I can find a Noble Two Hundred we will pray.  If not, I will pray at home.

Who is with me?

The list’ll be on the back wall.  

Will we pray? We shall see…


(You must sign in person on Thursday prayer or Sunday morning before February 23rd)

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David Francis

What a Blessing. I agree that this is a time to pray.  I will commit.

Libby John

I am planning to b there and pray. Unless I don’t find a ride. Then I will pray at home.

Becca Beard

Could we try to find 200 on a Tuesday, too?  :-)  I can’t come on a Thursday, but on a Tuesday, I can bring myself and 4 – 5 kids.  194-195 more!

Durene White

I’ll be praying from a distance for two weeks then back in person Mar. 2 — unable to sign up in person by Feb 23, but definitely will participate weekly after 3/2.

Damia Cleaver

My son and I are in!! So happy to hear we’re continuing! Praying like this has changed my life.

Mark Williams

Let’s not sheathe our swords. I’m in…

Mirielle Inman

I will be there, what a special time it is.

Donna Hoskins

Donna Hoskins: I and my husband, Bo will contineue attending the Thursday noon prayer meetings.We de;loght  to pray with our church family, especially in these troubled to,es. For many years we weere accustomed to praying every Wednesday evening with our church familyI  

Nancy McMinn

We will be there. Have had conflicts a couple of times but pray from afar! Nancy and Leon McMinn

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