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Parent Prayer Starts TONIGHT!!!

Dear DBSM Parents, 

WOW!  If you can’t believe we have started another year already then here is the proof….PARENT PRAYER is starting this week!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your interest in this ministry to DBSM-those faithful who came last year and those new sign-ups who we can’t wait to meet!!

Here is the important info:

We meet in room 113…there will be signs…and hopefully you can follow the coffee smell!

We start at 7:15 but come anytime you can…early after you drop off the kids or late if you need to run a couple of errands first! Also, if you need to leave early that is fine…we’ll take whatever time you have to give!

We make it really easy!!!!  Seriously, we have prayer cards and we do it small group style…very unintimidating.

We already have a bunch of requests from the new Huddle group leaders that are just waiting for your precious hearts to pray for (personally this is our favorite aspect of this ministry!!)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Carrie Barton!  Her number is 940-735-2940.

Hope you can make it,

Sarah Beth Hudspeth  

***This is a PARENT prayer group and we welcome the men to come! (I don’t say this for any other reason than I don’t want there to be confusion over the Mom’s  In Touch prayer ministry for ladies only)

***If you can’t make it this week just let me know and I will keep you in the loop for this ministry, or, if you want off this list then just email me back and I’ll take you off. Thanks!

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