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Main Points from Our Talk On Humility

By Erinn Watkins in Young Adults Ministry 12 months ago | 391 views Link:

Hello, Young Adults!

I was asked to share the main points from our talk on practicing humility like Jesus, so here they are:

Practicing Humility Like Jesus

Text: Philippians 2:3-13

Main Point:  Extinguish selfish ambitions and increase in humility through prayerful confession, doing everything for the praise and glory of God.

1. Selfish desire and pride does not emulate Christ, but instead, reflects the evil that God condemns.

2. When we have an attitude of humility, we are inspired to reflect and demonstrate more of the heart and mind of Christ that dwells within us.

Attitude in the greek is φρονέω  (phoneo) which means to think or to develop an attitude based on careful reflection. It is to let your mind be saturated like a sponge with the example of Christ to you become one with Christ Himself.

3. In order for us to have an attitude of humility, we must daily remember who and what we are apart from Christ.

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