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God's Book & Homemade Pizza...

By Pastor Drew Anderson in Denton Bible Church 10 days ago | 16511 views Link:

Ever ruined a pizza…simply because you didn’t mind the temperature? Me too. 

CLICK HERE to see how this relates to meeting with God and reading our Bibles…

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Curt Fowler

Thanks for the inspiration.

Libby John

This is incredible. Now I need to crash pizza night at your house

Maria Lungu-Post

Great reminder of our weakness and our Lord’s constant love. Also, reading the Bible can give answers to daily challenges, so we get often a practical “reward” For sure, the current life conditions, for many, are not an inducing environment for Bible reading. It is why, in the pastime, some  Christians created monasteries, and retreats around them. Unfortunately, last ones, as everything in modern day society, costs money. . If God didn`t give me the opportunity for a pause for 1 year from the craziness of running for daily survival ( in His way), I know I couldn’t get the chance to know His Word. I am too weak.  Therefore, from time to time, I pray for those whose life is so hard that cannot get that respite necessary to enjoy His Word from the Bible and meditate on. To God be the Glory in everything. 

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