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Foundational Bible Reading Plan...

By Pastor Drew Anderson in Denton Bible Church 24 days ago | 18041 views Link:

Reading the Bible can be a daunting task. The reasons are many, but can be (1) not knowing where to even begin, and/or (2) not knowing what the text is saying, and/or (3) not knowing where the text fits into history or in the order of the Bible. Many people–when they pick up their Bibles and start reading–feel like they’ve been dropped in an unfamiliar forest in the middle of the night without directions. As a result, many people stop reading their Bibles all together or just read it hit or miss. They don’t want to, but without help they just do what they can. I’ve been there, and that’s why I’ve put this article together.

There is a method that I’m going to suggest here that I believe will build a foundation for many years (of thoughtful, discerning, heart-changing, and enjoyable Bible reading and learning) to come. Moreover, this is a path to knowing and loving God more through knowing and loving His Word.

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Dania Boise

This is awesome. Thank you!

Libby John

Love thank you so much

Irene Schubert

I just wanted to say, “Thank you.” I did not know about these videos and they are great!  This is perfect to start the new year!!!  May God bless you!!

Erin Zachry

I am finishing up my current plan nlbut look forward to doing this next!

Jan Green

THANK YOU! Great suggestions and awesome video overviews!

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