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The Need to End Convenience or "Being Better Off is Not Being Better"

By Pastor Tommy Nelson in Denton Bible Church over 1 year ago | 18900 views Link:

I lift weights six times a week and walk on a treadmill seven days a week. One reason is because I do not have a computer and I do not have a smartphone. I have time.

I have seen marital affairs happen right and left because of improper relations begun on computers and smartphones. I’ve never struggled with this because I don’t have a computer or a smartphone. I don’t begin relationships over social media, because I can’t.

I’ve seen huge amounts of men stumble and be addicted to pornography over a computer.  Lust is bad enough without a computer or a smartphone streaming it in 24/7 but I have not fallen into that addiction because I do not have a computer or a smartphone.

I read – a couple of books a month on subjects that inform and develop me.  I have that time because I don’t waste time on social media because I don’t have a computer or a smartphone.

I delight in personal conversations. The reason I don’t go to the back of the church and shake hands after service is because I get too interested in people and I can’t just shake hands and say, “howaya?”  I am this way because I do not have a computer or a smartphone that, when used extensively, turns you into a fax machine.

Inter-personally, I listen, react with my expressions, hands, volume, voice inflections, interruptions, humor, etc., etc., etc. I’ve done that all my life.  I had to because I did not have a computer or a smartphone.

I don’t have carpal tunnel or neck problems from continuously sitting and typing. As a matter of fact I write longhand and cursive which is really a form of art – because I don’t own a computer or a smartphone.

Now, mind you, a cell phone (like I have) or a smartphone can be real helpful when you travel and get stuck somewhere or lost but before they were invented somehow I still got by.

You know what? You can miss a lot of life because of convenience that goes too far and gives you the imitation of life when you’re just piddlin’.

Perhaps one of the greatest blessings of being a human is the ability to daydream. It is in daydreaming that aspirations, inspirations, ambition and hopes all germinate. I do my greatest thinking when I am simply alone. One reason I can do that is that I do not have a computer or a smartphone. So I do not spend my alone time sitting and piddling on a device.

Now, I know some people are forced by their jobs to work in front of a computer (like most of my staff), but I sure would know when to walk away and live. I’ve got a suspicion that you can get stupid from a smartphone.

That’s all I’ve got to say. I’d better get it to the church so someone can type it and get it out on The City.

Tommy (Old School) Nelson

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Scott Hill

Love you “Old School”.  Grateful, so grateful to know you and learn from your teaching.  Every blessing.

P.S.  I’m glad I have a computer to type this :) 

Richard Follmer


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Keith Wilemon


Elizabeth Dirks

Well said, brother.

Kay Norrid

I love it! Very well said!

Kay Norrid
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil. 4:14

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Sandy Armstrong

I love “old school” even though I did just read this on my computer machine.

Brian Krieger

I’m with you all the way.  What’s really sad is you frequently see a group of people together, and instead of talking and sharing with one another, every single one of them are on their devices.  Me?  I just get on, do what I got to do, then get off.  I’d rather watch a good tv show or do something creative than to spend that time just surfing the net.  Very well spoken Tommy!

……and Welcome Back!!!!!!!

Jean Campbell

Hmmm, maybe it’s time to make sure the one who types this onto The City, also has time to sit with The Lord and enjoy family? Just a thought.

Brenda Burgess

Good word, Bro. Tommy. It astounds me that everywhere we go, [loud] music has to be playing or people need to be “entertained” on their phones. It is almost like they are afraid to be alone with their thoughts. I rather enjoy it, maybe because I am an introvert, but this world is just too noisy. It’s hard to hear the Lord speak amidst the chaos. Glad to have you back in the pulpit Sunday! ♥ Peace, Brenda

Millie Garland

You are on target. I don’t think I have a “smart phone”…it doesn’t seem so. My children, grands and even great gran would know. Can’t wait to hear you on Sunday. 

My Anchor Holds,


Marlene Merritt

Thank you for eye opening and thought provoking commentations such as this.

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Martha Gladden

Thank you for this admonition!  Love it!  praying!

Laura Hadley

Well said.  I’m with you in doing things without being dependent on the smart phone or tied to the computer.  There’s a whole lot of world out there, and I don’t need to be exposed to some things.

Diane Green

That was some refreshing reading!  I will ALWAYS prefer “old school”.  I still wish there was a Gomer and a Goober at every gas station.


Excellent points! Thank you for that public service reminder, Tommy! I think the take home message was “know when to walk away”. I will keep that in mind this week. ❤,Elizabeth

Jody Fairman

We were taught to use our mind, eyes and instincts. The new generations were taught to use their computers and smart phones.  😆

We love you and glad you’re back!

 Sunday was amazing!

Michael Rios

Nice…well said sir…

Neva Fisher

We love you and thank you so for not following after everything that comes along.  This is wisdom in action.  Thank you for saying so!

Connie Cohn

Yes! Totally agree with everything you said. Wonderful having you back – Sunday was awesome!

Libby John

Love this truth pastor.  As a generation we have forgotten how to b human and communicate without a device

Sharon Dumas

As YOU would “also say:”  THAT DOG’LL HUNT💙💙‼

Margo Carmichael

Good thoughts, pastor. Temperance in all things. I love my face-to- face friends and I love my Facebook friends. They post a lot of interesting things about themselves, politics, religion, and writing. We even pray for each other! It’s another whole world. An alternate universe.
Some of my FB friends are at DBC. Most  are in American Christian Fiction Writers attending our annual national conference at the Gaylord this weekend. Anyone want to learn how to write a Christian novel? :-) Parable!
Just wish I had someone to type mine! Getting so used to dictating into my phone comma that I almost punctuate when I’m talking exclamation point smiiey face
And my smartphone gives me driving directions and even lets me listen to your sermons! I’m enjoying one on Youtube, “Marriage.” In the dark blue shirt.
I do need to run the treadmill, but I hesitate. Look up “Bill Murray, elliptical” from “Lost in Translation”! Haha

Terry Atchison

Love it!! Well said, and so true.  So glad you are back, we missed you.

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