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pray for our short-term trips!

There are short-term teams from DBC today serving in France, Romania, and Austria.

Will you pray for these men and women?

  • Pray for those to whom they are ministering.
  • Pray for their protection.
  • Pray for their health and stamina.
  • Pray that they would grow deep in their love of the Lord, and live wide in service to Him.

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Haley Myers

all the more I’m praying for our brothers and sisters around the world today!

Gaylon Richter

All you ‘short-term-ers’ out there know that your elders prayed for you as a group on Tuesday night when Joe gave us an update on your whereabouts and mission focus. We are grateful to God that He has called you specifically to this work. God has gifted you each personally and the church has equipped you and sent you. Now exercise your faith and gifts as you speak the truth in love of the beauty of the gospel. You will encounter trials of all kinds and that is okay because God is directing your steps. As we all realize, you will quickly realize that the work of God is beyond your personal power and strength to accomplish so don’t do anything on your own but call out to God every moment of every day and let His power be found in you to accomplish His good work. Be patient with each other and love always. These are our prayers for you.

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The mission of Denton Bible Church is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry in Denton and around the world. Through constant prayer, faith in God and abundant grace Denton Bible Church continues to introduce people to Jesus Christ and equip them to serve Him.

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