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Please pray for the Wheelers

By Pastor Mike Spencer in SeniorLife almost 3 years ago | 1384 views

Please lift up JoAnn Wheeler and Jim and the rest of the family in your prayers today. JoAnn has just been told she has aggressive pancreatic cancer and is being sent home on Hospice care. May God overwhelmingly strengthen JoAnn, Jim and their daughters. 

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Libby Griffin

Praying. News that can be overwhelming. Asking for God’s overwhelming care.

Kat Anglin

Ohhhh will do Michael

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On Jun 26, 2015, at 10:44 AM, “Pastor Michael Spencer on The City” <(email address removed)> wrote:

Vonnie George

Update: 6/29/15.  You have likely heard that JoAnn went home with the Lord last night.  Her sister, Nancy will be here for one month.  The memorial is set for Friday at 10am.

JoAnn’s daughter, Terry, asked that we pass her phone number out to the Senior Life Bible Study group as well as the address.  They would appreciate prayers, cards and will later need meals.  Terry is also having back surgery this Tuesday so she will be out of commission for a few days. Her sister, Susan will help out while Terry is out for recovery.  dbccares will initiate a meal calendar after they get home and assess the needs.

Terry’s # is 940-367-1207

Wheeler’s address is 2112 Knob Hill Dr, Corinth 76210, for cards.

Beverly Turner

Oh precious Lord . . . hold this family tightly in your arms

Jean Klughart


Carole Hardy

I am so sorry to hear about JoAnn. I do not know her well; I became acquainted with her in a 2:7 class several years ago. She is a very nice lady. I will pray for her and their family as the Lord reminds me.

Rich and I would like to have you and Holly over for dinner soon if that is something you both would like to do. I am at a lost for deciding on some dates that might work for you. Seven PM (does Holly work that late every weeknight?) is a bit late for us to eat, although we could do that, but are there any other nights that you both would be free earlier? Could you suggest some possibilities of nights of the week and then I could come up with some choices of dates.

See you tonight.


Pastor Pat Smith

Praying for this dear lady who has been a leader in our community for decades

Mary Kuhfeldt

As Jean said, “praying!”… we have many folks who will lift up the Wheelers and encourage and provide meals. Asking for God to provide great grace for the entire family, and rest, freedom from pain and the ability to be nourished for JoAnn.

Pat Sherman

I am stunned and saddened to read this…and praying for a strength, peace and comfort that can only come from our sweet Lord. As I pray for JoAnn, Jim, the girls and their families, I’ll watch here for ways to help. Please keep us posted.

Linda Sha

So sorry to hear this sad news.  JoAnn and Jim were in our small group and such a godly couple.  Praying for the whole family that the Lord give them peace.

Susan Lord

We are lifting up the Wheeler family in prayer.  So very sorry to hear this.

Martha Gladden

Praying for the Wheeler family.

Faye Lynn Anderson

Jim and I will keep Jim and JoAnn and family in our prayers to our Father in Heaven for comfort and strength to attend their trial, and to supply all their needs as He has promised, and that they might sense His presence in love and peace. We pray and ask in the name of JESUS, OUR LORD, AMEN

Millie Garland

I am shocked and sad for the family’s loss but also all of us who knew her. She is rejoicing now in Heaven, but there is much grief here.

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