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KidsLife needs Sunday School helpers

Theater C in the CLC is blessed with many 2nd and 3rd graders at 11am on Sunday mornings; these kids are eager to learn about God’s Word and have some fun. Can you come help lead a small group of kids (8-10) in activities and discussions about their Bible lesson?

We provide opportunity to observe and train with other table leaders. All lessons are completely prepared and ready to go each Sunday morning so that your only time commitment is spending a few minutes each week to familiarize yourself with the lesson and serving during one Sunday morning service. 

Come put your Bible studying to good use and share the Good News with the next generation; KidsLife is a wonderful place to serve with your heart, hands, and mind while ministering to the body of Christ.

PS- If 2nd/3rd grade isn’t your calling, or 11am doesn’t fit your schedule, we can always use subs and leaders in other grades and service times. 

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