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KidsLife needs Name Tag/Security Checkers

KidsLife needs 2-4 adults to help check name tags at the end of 11am service. A security checker ensures that each exiting child leaves with an adult with a matching nametag and should be available from 12:20p (near end of service) to 12:45p.

Questions? contact

All volunteers must have a background check on file and view/sign the DBC child protection policy.

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Cece Bowen

You guys still need checkers id be more than willing to help

Penny Wootton

Thank you Cece for responding to the need. I am sure that Charylcie will be reaching out to get you started. I am sure you will be blessed as much as you will be a blessing to others.

Charylcie Wilemon

Hi Cece! I sent you a private message yesterday. Please let me know if you didn’t get it. We are so thankful to have your help!

Thanks Penny for following up!

Vickie Watson

I’m available after Sept. 10

Penny Wootton

Vickie, thank you for stepping up also to serve our families and their children.

Charylcie Wilemon

Hi Vickie! I just sent you a message on the City. Please let me know if you didn’t get the message. I attached volunteer background forms. Thank you so much for responding!!

Charylcie Wilemon

Thank you all who have responded! Our need for security checkers is filled, thanks to each of you. We have other needs listed on other posts if anyone else is interested in serving with KidsLife. 

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