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By Pastor Mike Spencer in SeniorLife 12 months ago | 3282 views Link:

Hello All! I hope your Fall is going well!

SeniorLife Outreach is in need of some volunteers to share the Word of God with some very important people. Those in retirement centers and rest homes cannot join us for worship and so we try to take worship to them. There are approximately 35 different Bible studies and church services per week in the community and of course that requires much help.

We have great volunteers that serve so faithfully! We are so blessed and they are blessed as well as they serve our Lord and these people.

One of our services is opening up and we are in need of a man to teach a devotion and man or/and woman to share some music. We provide cd players with Kendall’s recorded piano on some great old hymns. These people love to hear God’s Word and sing praise to the Lord. This service is from 11 AM to 12 Am at Willowbend. For someone who attends the 9 AM service at DBC and could then go serve here this would be ideal.

We also need volunteers that can fill in for men and women that are so faithful; some for many years! Would you please consider this? Other facilities ask us often for services and we are unable to facilitate them because it takes people. I am so thankful that these places still want churches to come and share God’s word!  Some places don’t!

We look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you so much! Call 940-297-6821 and ask for Stuart. You will be such a blessing to this ministry.

Mike Spencer

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Julie Barrier

We would love to help! Are there any times that you need someone during the week? Since we are new to the church, we’d like to be sure we are in services and Sunday School every time. But if there are other times you need someone, we will be available the first week of November-on. Roger and Julie Barrier

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