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Navigators 2:7 Classes / Clases de Navegantes 2:7

The next session of Navigators 2:7 classes start September 7th and go through November 16th.  We meet on Thursdays on the second floor of the SMC from 7-9pm.  These are great classes to learn basics of discipleship and strengthen our walk with Christ. Register here on the City or email or come by Starting Point on Sundays. 

Clases de Navegantes 2:7 comienzan septiembre 7 y duran hasta noviembre 16. Estas son unas buenas clases para aprender los rudimentos del discipulado y para fortalecer nuestra vida en Cristo.  Matriculese en, a traves del “City” o pasando por Starting Point los domingos.  

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Rayne Kays on 07/29/2017

You know I’m in!

On Jul 28, 2017 9:44 AM, “Manuel Gottardi on The City” <
(email address removed)> wrote:

September 07
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
2300 E. University Drive
Denton TX 76209
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12 people
are coming
Shawn Kilgore (2)

Liz Sowell (2)

Michael Mosher (1)

Tanya Price (2)

Tomara Reeves (2)

Angie Smith (1)

Jennifer Bechner (2)

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