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New Multi-Generational Fellowship Photos

Posted by Erinn Watkins in Young Adults Ministry
almost 3 years ago | 1178 views

This Sunday we will have our Multi-Generational Fellowship at 9AM in the Fellowship Hall ABC on September 6. Here are photo highlights from our family gatherings. Everyone is welcome to attend. We look forward to our time of fellowship with you across generations.

Img_1392_thumb Img_1386_thumb Img_1374_thumb Img_1373_thumb Img_1375_thumb Img_1387_thumb Img_1388_thumb Img_1393_thumb Img_1378_thumb Img_1389_thumb Img_0939_thumb Img_0942_thumb Img_0914_thumb Img_0938_thumb Img_0943_thumb Img_0936_thumb Img_0928_thumb Img_0926_thumb Img_0894_thumb Img_0895_thumb Img_0902_thumb Img_0944_thumb Img_0946_thumb Img_0911_thumb Img_0923_thumb Img_0905_thumb Img_0910_thumb Img_0900_thumb Img_0899_thumb Img_0912_thumb Img_0908_thumb Img_0927_thumb
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